Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Faculty Events on Religious Holidays and Childcare

Mr. JP and I have to attend a mandatory faculty event on Good Friday. The event is very long (+9 hr). Day care is closed so we have the following options:

1. Find a baby sitter to watch the kids all day.
2. Bring our kids to the event.
3. Skip the event.

I want to do option 1, but 9 hours of babysitting will run me upwards of $150, which really pisses me off because why the hell should I pay $150 so that I can attend a mandatory faculty event that is going to bore me to tears?

Option 2, would be a big f*** you to the department, because my 1 yo will be insanely whiney and my 4 yo will talk about his butt non-stop. However, I don't want to deal with chasing after boys all day.

Option 3, could paint the false picture that I don't care about my job or that I don't care about the department. I don't have tenure, so this option is probably not a good choice.

This leaves us with option 1. Someone has to dish out $150 for babysitting - but who will pay? As I see it $150 is worth about 7.5 boxes of wine, so I really would rather have wine than babysitting. I asked my dept head if he would foot the bill. He wrote that he didn't know how to justify it, but he would pay. Thank goodness.

Now - if only this weren't on a religious holiday...