Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wish You Were Here

Last weekend we visited our future university to kick start lab renovations and to look for a rent house. We brought along some of our students so that they could get all jazzed up about the move. Sparky stayed back with in-laws.

The trip was awesome. My lab needs nearly nothing renovated. We found a rent house. My students got super excited after they saw all the facilities and the building we are to call our new home. It's a huge step up. It was great to be back in my Home State - the wildflowers were blooming, the air smelled familiar. I was so happy, and all the swelling in my fingers disappeared!

During the visit my post-doc and student met with the business officer and student coordinator to figure out the transfer. For post-docs, its a piece of cake. But my student is causing such a head ache because he refuses to transfer his academic status. He very much wants to get his PhD from Prestigious U, even though it is ranked much much lower than the new university. It deserves a whole post in itself...

Anyways, location makes all the difference, and I can't wait for the move!

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