Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh yeah, that's what pregnancy is about

My friend had a baby yesterday and I am so happy for her. This morning, I was remembering my first son's birth and the precious moments afterward. Holding him, marveling at him, feeling so proud. Then I realized: oh wait - I'm pregnant now - I get to have that moment again! It took me seven months of pregnancy, but I'm finally feeling maternal again.

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Tinkering Theorist said...

That's funny. I remember one time when I was about halfway through my first pregnancy and I was in a meeting with my advisor. He was talking about some timelines/plans for our research, and saying something like "then you'll go to the conference, and we can finish the paper about [research stuff], of course you'll have to give birth . . ." When he said "give birth" I literally had _no idea_ what he was talking about, for several seconds. I guess it was just out of context, or maybe I hadn't really thought about the part where the baby was going to have to come out some day.