Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Can my body get any more ridculous

I tested positive for TB, so I can't start Enbrel until I take months of antibiotics. I was so angry when I found out. What else is my body going to do to me? But Mr. JP cheered me up as we joked about who could have possibly exposed me to TB.


Anonymous said...

Just because you tested positive for TB (assuming you are talking about the skin test) does not mean you have TB right now. It simply means you were exposed to it at some point either through immunization or because you spent time in a developing country where TB is around. Chest X-rays are the only way to confirm. Hope you don't have to go through antibiotics!

Anonymous said...

How much you freak out should depend on what test was used. I've heard of plenty of people with "positive" skin tests, but when people where tested further they didn't have TB. And know of more who are have a bad skin test due to an allergy to the test.

Anonymous said...

My wife routinely tests positive for TB skin tests, but she is totally healthy!