Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Gray Hairs

The bathrooms at the NSF have some weird lighting that make all my gray hairs illuminate like light bulbs. I was sitting on a panel, went to the bathroom, and saw a fresh crop of gray gnarly worms growing out of my head. I plucked them out, and moved on. Maybe that bad lighting is causing all my proposals to get rejected.


Anonymous said...

The alternative to plucking all your hairs out is called Permanent Hair Color.

Although, as a mommy of a 2-year-old and assistant professor myself, I seem to specialize in multi-layer hair color. Worked for that woman singing the Top Gun soundtrack :P

Candid Engineer said...

The plucking of the gray hairs is a slippery slope. Been there, done that. You think you're plucking the same 5 hairs over and over and, as it turns out (when you stop), that you actually now have 500. Good times.

As for permanent hair color, it doesn't do jack for dying my silver beauties. I'm not sure what to do.

Balancing Act said...

The bathroom in my department building on my floor is especially nasty for showing the gray hairs.

My mother recently asked, "Are you turning gray?"

"For years," I responded, pleased that it's actually taken this long for her to notice. Of course, I currently sport a hair style with non-supplemental coloring. That has not been the case over the course of my graduate education.

NSF and my own department must employ just the same lighting.