Friday, June 11, 2010

Science Killed My Proposal

I just got the reviews from my rejected proposal. Apparently, basing a proposal on a recently published article in Science is grounds for rejection!

This recent article shows interesting behavior for a material. I propose, "Hey, let's do something different to that material and make it even better."

The reviewer writes that the article in Science is all wrong, and systematically debunks the article. The reviewer concludes that since my proposal is based on that article, then my proposal should be all wrong, too. Sigh.

I can't resubmit for the next round because it based on a "wrong" Science article, which is far more frustrating. You would think that if something were published in a Big Name Journal, that it would have some credibility.


Arlenna said...

Well, at least somebody was able to show you that this Science article was full of crap before you got stuck into a multiyear project on it. In the short term it sucks to have a grant rejected, but in the long run it's way better for your research program!

Candid Engineer said...

My field is filled with so much hype that articles published in Science & Nature on the topic are regularly found to be flawed (due to scientific misconduct or otherwise...). Anyhow, I've definitely learned to be skeptical, even of "high-impact" papers.

Sucks about the proposal, but I'm glad the reviewer could shed some light on the article in Science.

Anonymous said...

wait, was this YOUR Science article?

congrats on your move!

JaneB said...

Science and Nature articles are pretty problematic in my field too, because their shortness (and the prestige attached to them) means that they are at best a partial representation of a piece of science.

Sorry to hear that one messed up your grant though, how annoying!

Unbalanced Reaction said...

Makes you wonder if the reviewer is in competition with the Science article group. Cup o' bitter maybe?

Or were they right? Do you agree that the article, upon 8th look, is "all wrong?"

Janus Professor said...

No, the Science paper isn't mine, but it's in my field. I'll be sending the Science paper to my *expert* colleague for an opinion that I can count on. Will let y'all know.

Unbalanced Reaction said...

I look forward to the follow-up!