Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Creaky Elbow Got Me Down

I guess I spoke too soon, or posting about how great I felt cursed me. For the last week+, the RA has been creeping back.

I'm so frustrated because it isn't supposed to be like that when you're pregnant! Medications options are limited for the next 6 months. I couldn't take Medrol because of the baby, so my rheumatologist gave me a steroid injection in the elbow. It didn't work, and I've still got a bum limb. It's so defeating to know that this is probably going to persist and even get worse. My action plan is to go back to the meditation CDs, see the OBGYN next week, and see the rheumatologist the following week. My fantasy action plan is to saw off my arm.

On the bright side, this has taken my mind off of our current department head search situation. No chair can kiss my booboo and make it go away, so I'm presently not concerned with outcome.


The Seasick Mermaid said...

I've got RA too, and I've found that Arnica gel is very helpful for creaky joints. My sister is pregnant and has the okay to use it on her cramping legs. Good luck!

Jenny F. Scientist said...

Oh, dear. I'm sorry to hear that. BAD immune system!

Tinkering Theorist said...

Hang in there! I hope you find something that works well with an acceptable level of risk for you two!

Janus Professor said...

I forgot about arnica! I used to use that alot!