Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pregnancy and RA Remission

With my first child, I went into blissful remission of my RA symptoms. With this second child, I am nowhere close. Why is there such a difference, and why does remission occur for RA during pregnancy? I get these questions a lot from my friends. One article from the Arthritis Foundation (a reputable source) says that the degree of remission is linked to the quantity of fetal DNA circulating in the mother's system. If this is true, then I would guess that this second baby just isn't circulating it's fetal DNA the way the first one did. That doesn't imply there's something wrong with the baby, just that our interactions are different from the first.

The other statistic that I see from multiple places, as well as from that article, is that 90 % of mothers have a flare within three months of delivery. Considering I'm still flaring, I'll probably be raging come this Spring. I'm not looking forward to that. I won't be teaching, but I'm supposed to be doing some other kind of activity to "make up" for the teaching relief. What kind of activity can a person do, if they can't even dress them selves or if they can barely type? Of course, this sounds really negative. And with the right drugs, I should be in much better shape than last time. I just struggle to imagine what this Spring will be like. I kind of just want to get a motorized scooter and putt a big red flag on it and do donuts in my department's main office.


Anonymous said...

Hugs! I can only say, take it day by day. And those in your department who do not realize you may be severely incapacitated in the spring, have not seen enough realism. You never know, the make up activity could turn out to be something doable, and if it is not, the world will not stop spinning, if you cannot do it, whatever it is (yeah, not doing it might be bad, but some things are worse...). Maria

Jenny F. Scientist, PhD said...

A scooter AND a Segway. Then you can be super-cool as you scoot about campus.