Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rehashing Old Grants

I have a proposal deadline coming up and I'm preparing to resubmit a proposal that was given very good reviews last round (but not funded). Every time I revisit a rejected proposal, I feel extreme dread and loathing towards the document - even when it got shining reviews! Why is that? I get rejected all the time. You'd think I'd get a thicker skin.

So here I am… at my computer… with three weeks to go… procrastinating.

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GMP said...

Feel your pain. I am planning to do the same thing for the next NSF proposal window (for my directorate, submission window in Sept 7 - Oct 7). I will also resubmit a proposal that was "recommended" by not "highly recommended". I have a collaborator on it and he's of a very upbeat variety, so I feel much less negative towards working on the revision this time around.