Thursday, September 13, 2012

Babysitters are Sometimes Not For Dates

With all these proposal deadlines coming up, I decided to lineup my baby sitter for extra evenings. She's coming twice per week, during which time my husband and I drive back to work to continue working on proposals. She will feed and bathe kids, put them to bed, and do their laundry. I never thought of this as abnormal - just a necessity, until I was talking to a friend about how I had a baby sitter so I could keep working at night. She was shocked and asked me, "You don't use your baby sitter for date night?" And I said, "Well, sure, when I don't have deadlines and all that." But it never occurred to to me our arrangement was odd. I somewhat enjoy working at night because I can combine it with alcohol, so I never thought of it as drudgery.

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Jenny F. Scientist, PhD said...

We once hired a babysitter so we could blow insulation into the attic crawlspace. That's like the opposite of a date.