Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm Not That Kind of Mom

I get these weekly updates from on the status of my baby. They have inane lead-ins such as "Making things easier" or "How can I tell if my child has diarrhea?" I can answer the latter, "Umm… it's pretty obvious, especially when it is running out of his diaper and onto your thigh." Another one I think is dumb: "Is it spit-up or vomit?" Again, my answer is "Vomiting is pretty obvious when once you see your kid doing it."

So I've essentially stopped reading because I don't need any more advice on "how to organize my diaper bag." Have you seen my diaper bag? It's fully of random shit, and probably some dirty diapers that I haven't bothered to throw away.

I am nowhere near that Mother-Earth-Gaia-loving image that and many other magazines and sites like to paint. I'm busy and practical. I don't want to waste my time on fretting over whether or not I am mothering my children correctly. It amazes me when I talk to these new moms who have been agonizing over whether to make their own food or not, glass vs. plastic vs. pouch food, pacifier or no pacifier. Who cares? Just take care of business (TCB). If your kid is hungry, dirty, or pissy, just TCB. I don't think there is any right way to parent, and there is no magical cure for a baby's cry (which is why I get so annoyed when people try to tell me how to do it!!).

Everyday is different, but better than the last. I can't wait to sleep an entire night without interruption.


Assistant-Engineering-Professor said...

On the tenure track, and about to have my first baby (nervous and excited), so enjoy your comments on how to no nonsense handle babies and work. How long after can you realistically go back to work for say 1 day or 1/2 day?

Janus Professor said...

It's all up to you and the temperament of the baby. I went back to work 1/2 time right away (8 days after birth) because I had in-laws to watch the baby. I worked up to full time by 10 weeks. My second kid was really calm and has no separation anxiety so I could leave him with anyone and not worry. He's also extremely fat so I know he won't starve in my absence :)