Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One Armed Bandit

My shoulder is f***ing killing me. Ok, it's always been killing me, but I'm just tired of always having one arm that simply doesn't work. I can't even hold my purse with that arm! I am so frustrated because with my eyes I see that I have two arms, but in reality only one of them is useful. I am sick of it! Exercise helps but not enough. I guess it's time for a ton of steroids. Sigh.

My legs are fine. My hands and feet are fine. My rheumy says that it isn't symmetric so they aren't concerned. F** them. I am at 75% capacity. I am concerned!

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Tinkering Theorist said...

"My rheumy says that it isn't symmetric so they aren't concerned."
This makes me so mad!!! I would advise to fire that Dr. and find a new one, but the chances of the next one being less of an a**hole are probably too low to be worth the effort!
My rheumy when I was really sick (as opposed to the one I have now, it doesn't really matter what they do because I'm basically fine) was usually very aggressive in treating things, and I loved her, but she still pissed me off once. I had just started recovering and was saying something about whether/how much I would recover in the future, and she said something like "maybe this is just how you are now". Way to give me confidence in your desire/ability to help me live my life without being in constant pain!

I really hope you are feeling better recently; besides the fact that every little bit of pain counts, not being able to use an arm well is obviously a huge deal and should be worrisome to anyone!! Of course, I also know that if anyone can deal with it effectively and find ways to make the best of the ridiculous situation, it's you.